Privacy Policy Statement
The following statement outlines the privacy policy of It is based on the fundamental goal of providing the internet community with targeted, relevant content, while limiting any personal data collected, from users or clients, to the purposes they have requested.

Personally Identifiable Consumer Data.

AgentSearch does not use any personally identifiable data about a web surfer or client for target marketing or tracking purposes. Information of a personal nature, including name, address, telephone number, and Email address is used only as requested by clients for inclusion in the AgentSearch Directory. Any additional personal data requested by AgentSearch, such as home telephone number, address or credit card number, are held strictly confidential and used only for contact or billing as authorized by our clients. Your credit card number when submitted by a form for a payment through our credit card transaction processor, is not revealed to AgentSearch or any AgentSearch staff member. AgentSearch will never sell, rent, exchange or barter any personally identifiable information held confidential for pecuniary gain or marketing purposes.

AgentSearch does not warrant, nor accept responsibility for, personal data submitted to third parties as the result of a click-through or link provided on our web site. Concerned web surfers are advised to verify the privacy policy of any web site before submitting personal information.

Non-Personally Identifiable Consumer Data.

Data stored on the AgentSearch server, in the form of Log files, may contain IP addresses, web pages viewed and similar information of a general nature from our users. All data collected is used internally by AgentSearch only for performance tracking. AgentSearch makes every effort to maintain its server security for any data we collect, treating it as proprietary and confidential and does not make it available to the public. Access to the  information is limited to those employees directly involved in compiling overall marketing statistics to improve our products and services.

Click-Throughs and Banner Ads.

AgentSearch may, from time to time, enter into third party agreements for the display and promotion of Banner ads and links to web sites that are not directly a part of AgentSearch. Users are made aware that by clicking on a banner ad or link, they may be providing information of a non-personally identifiable nature in the form of click stream data. Also, requests for personal information may be required to fully access a web site or for them to fulfill your request.

The collection and use of click stream data by an advertising network is necessary for marketing, targeting and assigning revenues. Whenever AgentSearch enters into an agreement with an advertising network, we will provide a prominent link directly to their Privacy Policy Statement.

For additional information regarding the AgentSearch Privacy Policy, Email: