"When we first started talking about selling the house, the first thing that popped into my head was 'Call Ann Morgan.' You are so very good at what you do! And it's not just the logistics of handling all the details -- although you do that so very well! It's more about your personality. You are something special, Ann. I'm grateful that we had you to turn to, and I'm grateful that you were willing to work with us again." - Terri Ramer

"We have been working with Ann for a year on this sale. She has been incredible!! Always available (week days and weekends), always answering our calls, following up with Mortgage broker, title company, termite inspection company, etc...... She is very dilligent and we would work with her again anytime, and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great experience with realestate. We were very frustrated at times with the short sale process and the seller's agent. We would have given up sometimes but Ann never did and helped us through the process. We wished the seller's agent would be even 1/2 as reliable as Ann is.....But Ann dealt with them and made it easier for us." - Peter Mayr

"HI Ann, I wanted to let you know I took the time to do the survey for Coldwell Banker and couldn’t have given you a more glowing evaluation. You are simply the best! Be sure to forward this email to your boss because she should really know how completely pleased I am with you and your services. You made all the difference and I am so thankful you were there for me the whole way. I am loving my new house! Thank you for all your hard work. Take care," - Lauren Levin

"Ann was great. She did a lot of hand holding for us. She had a superb instinct in guiding us to the home that suited us well. ...Thank you Ann for all your efforts & hard work." - Charmaine & Maurice Frances

"Before I actually met Ann, I talked with her on the phone from Mpls, and could tell she was the perfect person to represent us. I would always sing high praises for her intuitiveness and expertise!" - Chris & Patty Bujold

"Surely and no doubts, the best real estate agent we have ever met. It is just unbelievable how we met the best of the best. We adore her." - Mikhail & Anna Schukin

"Ann has handled 99% of my referrals in the past and has assisted the buyers or sellers to close in a highly professional manner. In my estimation she is the best! Thank you" - Patricia Liaros

"Thank you very much for a job well done!" - Charles Bradley

"Ann was absolutely the best person I could have worked with to close my first home." - Ramon Tancinco

"Exceptional the best." (will you recommend Ann to friends or relatives?) "Absolutely! We were very pleased with Ann and how well she represented us. Thank you!" - Laurie & Shawn O'Neal

Ann Morgan
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